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Want to know what all the fuss is about? Join fellow CWRBs from all over the world on Zwift today!

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Start Building Base Fitness Easily

CWRB's 6 Week Zwift Training Plan is the easiest way to go from couch to (virtual) peloton! We have worked hard to make sure everything is:

Beginner Friendly

A lot of Zwift training plans assume you have a high base fitness and/or able to train for 5-6 days a week - which can be a little daunting as a beginner. CWRB's 6-Week Zwift Training Plan assumes no base fitness level, stepping you through 3 sessions!

Easy To Follow

This 6 week program is delivered straight to your inbox! Once you've uploaded it to your account, it syncs directly with Zwift  so when you log in to Watopia, your session will be there waiting for you. It couldn't be easier to get started!

Self E-Guided

If you're new to training plans, cycling and Zwift all at the same time, things can get a little overwhelming! With CWRB's 6 Week Zwift Training Program, we will give you e-guides that explain how to get started on Zwift & Training Tips for riding!


For 6 whole weeks of training, you'll pay less than $1.50 per session which - given the program was written by legendary cycling coach Nat Kaebisch - is pretty darn good value! Plus, you get access to CWRB and the program for life!

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All we need is a few details to get you started on CWRB's 6 Week Zwift Training Program

What's Zwift All About?

2x Olympian and World Champion track cycilst (and CWRB's very own!) Katey Bates takes you through her Zwift set up when she's leading rides!


Grab Your 6 Week Training Program for only $27


"So... this week I started a 6 week @gozwift training course to make me a better rider. Thanks to Chicks Who Ride Bikes and their app - Week 1 is in the bag!"

Michelle R

Fun Group Rides

Each week, you have 2 optional group rides to join CWRB on and test yourself. These rides are aimed at the beginner level, and are a great opportunity to practice what you've learned on the course!

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FREE Training Guide

You'll be learning about technique as you're progressing through your 6 Week Training Program, meaning by the time you reach the end you'll have built a great skills base AND a great fitness base.

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All we need is a few details to get you started on CWRB's 6 Week Zwift Training Program