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Join Coach Nicki for this 28 Day Program to build a great strength base for the bike (and just, life in general!).

Stronger, fitter and more confident in just 4 weeks?

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Just 4 sessions a week? 


It seems hard to believe, but YES! With Coach Nicki's BikeBlitz program, you will:

Build Strength

Develop strength, power and stability to achieve your cycling goals and have the confidence to join any ride.

Improve Posture

Improve on-bike posture and mobility to prevent the risk of injury and reduce back and neck pain when cycling.

Get Energised

A specialised meal plan to energise your body, not only when riding but also in your everyday life!

Get Results

With step-by-step instructions and demo videos to ensure correct form, you'll get results and be supported the entire way.

Meet Coach Nicki

I've dedicated my life to becoming an exceptional personal trainer who strives to empower my clients by giving them the tools and confidence to connect with their mind and body to be able to live the life they deserve.  

I've established a gym-based personal training business, Fitness Faster in Adelaide where I tailor training sessions by getting a deep understanding of what my clients need.

How BikeBlitz started

I got involved in some amateur cycling groups after a hip injury that prevented me from following my normal fitness routine. I loved being out on the road but noticed that other cyclists were:

  • Struggling with strength
  • Getting injured
  • Burning out
  • Not hitting their goals.

As a PT, I wanted to help.

BikeBlitz is training program which will improve speed, comfort on the bike, confidence and fitness.

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For only $66, you'll get instant and lifetime access to:


Coach Nicki's Curated BikeBlitz daily workouts + Instructional Videos

Warm-up and cool-down stretches incorporating Yoga and Pilates

28 Day BikeBlitz Easy-Plan Calendar to get you started and keep you motivated the whole 28 days!



Handy Menu & Meal Planner

Recipes for Breakfast

Recipes for Dinner (with YUMMY Lunch Leftovers)

Recipes for Snacks & Energy



Lifetime access to the CWRB Community

CWRB Member Connect to meet new people, share stories, ask questions, or connect about bikes

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PLUS you get super sweet discounts and the ability to pay per program for anything that catches your eye (like the cheeky 60% discount on our 6 Week Zwift Training Plan you'll see at checkout).

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Don't take our word for it...

Hear what real BikeBlitz customers have to say

Yvette Finae

Yvette used the Energise & Exhilarate Plan to develop her strength and stamina in preparation for the Tour Down Under.

"Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow."

Stuart Davis. Adelaide, Australia

Pretty happy with the “after” ride. I actually did the Bike Blitz program during a month off riding, so I waited ‘til I was at an equivalent level of fitness to do the test again.

An improvement of 1.2 kph and 2 minutes quicker on a 40 minute ride. Got to be happy with that!

I’m actually doing similar times up climbs, but I seem to be much stronger on the flats (and false flats).

I feel stronger on the bike and more stable through the core.

Thanks Nicki. Great program.

Dale Smith  - Cycle Closet Manager - Adelaide

"The exercises are excellent and keep me motivated and on track."


"I really enjoyed the Bike Blitz program. Especially the videos showing how to do each exercise correctly.  I feel I’ve improved my fitness and strength and now have some new favourite meals and snacks to include in my meal routine.  Thanks Nicki"

Ruth Morton.  Adelaide, Australia

"Such good value for money, the programme is really well presented and easy to follow. The exercise videos really help, it’s great to have something to follow."

"3 weeks in and I am feeling stronger and looser already"

"I’ve been making the most of commuting into work and getting fitter already by including the interval training days into my commute."

"The food plan is so achievable, even the kids will eat all the meal."

"I can already feel my core strength improving and I’m lasting longer on the bike with NO back pain! Such a difference, thanks so much"


What industry professionals have to say... 

"The Bike Blitz training program is an example of exercise and nutrition working together to produce brilliant results. Nicki Jennison combines her extensive education in human movement, her years of experience as a personal trainer, and her love of fitness and nutrition to deliver a program that would benefit every cyclist.

So often, food recommendations are tacked onto an exercise program as an afterthought. But Bike Blitz sets a new standard. Nicki’s food and nutrition suggestions focus on delivering the right amount of energy to the body, in the right quantities, at the right time. The food is healthy, natural and delicious. Recipes are designed to accommodate today’s busy lifestyles. Although it’s not a weight-loss program, you may find that you’re pleasantly surprised by the results, both on and off the bike!"

Craig Beames, Nutritionist

To be a good cyclist, you need strength. Strength doesn’t only come from time on the bike. In fact, training time spent off the bike is critical for building resilience.

The Bike Blitz Program is a simple yet progressive solution to cycling cross-training. It takes into account the postural demands and repetitive strain of cycling to help prevent injury and improve performance. I recommend it to any cyclist who wants to get more out of their cycling activities.

Tristan Chai

Physiotherapist, Good.Physio