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Be Bicycle Curious

bike Jan 31, 2020

So this is my friend's super cute top which I love... her and the top. The message is what we're all about.

Many of us women, especially those who grew up in a school system where girls did sewing and cooking and boys did wood and metal work, were discouraged (or certainly never encouraged) to work with our hands on anything technical.

For me, it meant that I got to my mid-20s and started riding bikes and felt like I didn't know ANYTHING about how they worked... not only that, but I felt really scared to touch anything and reluctant to tinker.

At CWRB, we believe learning about bikes should be fun and easy. Being bicycle curious will do wonders for your confidence not only on the bike, but off your bike as well.

Check out some of our sessions in the 'bike' section and get curious!