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Beginner's Guide: Buying Your First MTB

beginner bike Oct 29, 2020

If you’re like thousands of others who have discovered the joys of mountain biking in 2020, welcome to the crew!

If you haven’t given it a try yet but you’re keen to see what it’s all about – one of the first things you’ll need (once you fall in love with it) - is a mountain bike... but it can be really confusing trying to decide what to buy!

Even though they’re all called ‘mountain bikes’, there’s a lot of kinds of mountain biking. Many first timers are so excited to get their first MTB that they try and decide on things like suspension and wheel size before really thinking about what kind of riding they want to do.

So, you want to join the MTB riding crew?

This beginner’s guide is designed to help you feel confident when you walk into a bike shop to talk to the staff about what your perfect bike is. (We've also included a Cheat Sheet at the back for you as well).

Let’s get you a bike!