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Leave The House Without Your Underwear

body Feb 13, 2020

It's a strange thing, as a woman, to forego underwear - in almost any situation. Men, I think, are a bit more used to 'freedom' down there, and seem to do it often enough under shorts, and even jeans (aaahhhhh!!).

When I first started riding, I was so weirded out by having everything smushed into bike pants... I think it took me a full year before I trusted the shorts manufacturer and stopped wearing underpants beneath my knicks.

And it was the best thing I ever did!

Bike shorts these days are specifically designed for you to get all of your kit off. The paid has anti-bacterial properties, it's thick and foamy, and is shaped to fit our undercarriage when we are sitting on a bike.

Putting a layer of cotton, lace, or other fabric in between our delicate areas and this bacterial properties actually increases the chances of sweat being trapped, of itching to occur and for unwanted rubbing and chafing.

Ladies - it's time to leave the house without underwear!