We should be cleaning our obstacles (Part 2)

mind resilience Feb 25, 2021

Welcome back, chicks!

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to find out how to clean your obstacles.

So when we left off, I had been raging about a technical website issue and turned to my old friend YouTube to distract me and cheer me up. As fate would have it, the mountain biking spirits took pity on me and gave me some valuable life lessons delivered to me by the prophet Seth.

(Someone should really forward this to him - he will think I'm loopy)

We heard the heartwarming story of Lisa who conquered her fears and improved her skills out of sight. So what do we need to do to implement this in our own lives? Yay for Lisa - but what about me? Who will support me, and push me along when I want to brake? Who will be my cheerleader when I'm making progress?

First of all, find your Seth. I don't actually mean go and find Seth, I'm sure he is a really busy guy. I mean if you are not the first person to do what you are trying to do, then find someone who has done it before. Whether that is through an article, video, email, phone call, social media or in person - connect with someone who can offer you advice.

Google search is a great start, but don't expect it to provide the answers straight away like I did. Once you have found your Seth and gotten some advice it's time to start trying! Now before you start trying remember how we defined trying in the last part. Lot's of crying and embarrassment and Facebook and sacrificing goats blah blah blah. The main part of trying is -

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

What the heck does that mean? It means that trying isn't always going to be fun. Some bits will be for sure! The bits where you succeed or make progress will be awesome. They might not make up the majority though. Let's face it, if you are trying something really challenging then you will likely spend the majority of your time NOT having fun.

As humans, we are conditioned to reject experiences that we do not enjoy. Therefore if we try a few times and have a negative experience we are more likely to quit. If you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable you will be able to stick around for a lot longer as you move towards succeeding.

"Practise doesn't make perfect, perfect practise makes perfect"

I thought it was Michael Jordan who said this, but I googled it to make sure and the internet thought maybe it was Vince Lombardi and now I'm not sure, so I'm going to use the quote and big ups to whoever said it! What does this mean? Well let's go back to Seth - my new life coach - and his video. During the practise phase, when people were trying and failing and trying and falling... you get the picture, Seth was giving them feedback.

Things to work on or change for the next practice. When he had finally given them enough things and they had perfected them, they were successful! Perfect practise makes perfect is telling us that it is simply not enough to smash through something 100 times and hope to now become good at it.

We must practise it perfectly. This doesn't mean you have to practise it perfectly on the first go! Then you wouldn't need anymore practise because you would already be doing it well. Practising perfectly is taking on board advice, and tweaking and changing and being brave enough to give it a go a different way. This is where your Seth comes in. They should be able to help give you advice on how to adjust your course to become better. This is a two way street however. You must trust your Seth enough to take on board what they say and implement it.

Because you are already comfortable with discomfort it shouldn't be too much to try new ways of doing things. HA! I can't even type that with a straight face. This is not a "breeze easily from one step to the next" type of process. It is a yoyo, forwards and backwards, up and down and spinning in a stall. Fortunately you will get heaps of practise enjoying discomfort! I would say that if you can master this stage, you will succeed in ANYTHING you want to do in life. Once you have practised it perfectly and it is working for you then you have cleaned your obstacle! Congratulations! I bet it felt super satisfying. I'm proud of you!

Remember that if you seem to be taking a long time to reach this stage, there is no shame in putting it on hold for a while so you can regroup. The only true failure is in giving up completely. If you need to attack it from a different angle that's cool. Go back to your Seth (or find a new one if the current relationship isn't working), and have a chat, do some more research and come up with something different to try. As a reward for sticking through me until the end of this long life lesson, I will share with you the prophet Seth in his original form.

As well as life lessons it's a pretty good explanation of how to balance going over obstacles. See you next time!