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What Is Your Why?

Feb 18, 2020

Where did January go? We've been wondering the same thing ourselves! The start of a new month is always a great time to start afresh. If you're in Aussie, maybe Australia Day weekend has thrown off your goals. If you're in the northern hemisphere, winter may be wearing you down.

An important way to overcome obstacles or create the feeling of a fresh start is to reflect on your 'why'. All of us have different lives, different motivations, and different schedules. We all have different responsibilities, different jobs, and different goals.

That means that every single one of us has a different 'why'. Why should you get out of your warm, toasty bed at 5am and go for a ride? Why should you put your gear on and head out for a lunchtime ride, when it would be easier to get that extra bit of work done?

Understanding your 'why' will help motivate you when the going gets tough. 

Perhaps it's the only opportunity you get to talk to your friends and socialise... missing that ride means going a whole week without chatting to your friends about life. 

Perhaps you're recovering from an injury or illness and it's critical to your physical or psychological healing.

Whatever your why, write it down. Put it up in lights. Write a word or phrase that best describes your 'why' and put it on your computer screen or somewhere prominent at work. Create a screensaver for your phone, or write it on your mirror so you can see it each morning or evening.

If you're still struggling with motivation, try listening to our meditation on Regaining Your Motivation.