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What Moves You? 

Lacking motivation to move? You're not the only one. Sparkkify helps you to change the way you feel about exercise. Want to get that sparkk back?  

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Stay on Track

Your virtual buddy, Peggy, will check in with you daily and help you make adjustments to your program.

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Personalised Program

Learn what works for you (for once) instead of trying to fit your schedule around a program.

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Build Better Habits

Sparkkify is not about finding a quick fix - it's meant to work for the long-term. Movement for life!

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"Sparkkify changed the way I felt about moving my body. Exercise always felt like a chore, and my motivation came and went depending on what was going on in my life. Now, I make more time for being active... something I never thought I would do."

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Top features

  • Daily program of 'sparkks' to keep you on track
  • Personalised program suggestions from Peggy AI 
  • Global support and connections 
  • Build good daily habits in a way that works for YOU
  • Change the way you feel about your body

Find What Moves You

Sick of being on the rollercoaster of Totally Motivated to work out only to fall off the wagon weeks or days later? Let Sparkkify help you get your sparkk back.

With a daily program of Sparkks to help you understand how to create a personal system that's guaranteed to move you.

Our Pilot Program is full!

We're looking forward to expanding the Sparkkify program to a wider audience, especially since pilot users have been getting such great results! Over 80% of users in the first phase want to continue using it after 3 months.

Jump on the wait list for the next phase by filling in the form!

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